Kagi Maldives is another architectural masterpiece designed together with the esteemed Yuji Yamazaki. The inspiration came from the existing, breathtaking view of the ocean around the island. Every architectural design gesture was made to maximize the views and breeze by preserving the feeling of the original island.

Getting behind the vision and inspiration of this architectural masterpiece, Yuji Yamazaki explains how the concept came to life,
“Our design mission was to satisfy our client’s intent and purpose, that is to create a place that combines the pristine nature of the Maldivian island and wellbeing of the guests. From our standpoint for this island, well-being comes from the ample private space that is safe, at the same time it is open to the surrounding nature. Also, we believe that conveying the right balance between the sense of solitude and socialization is crucial.”

In Kagi Maldives you can enjoy socialization without crowding, but also privacy without isolation.

Sustainability was the essence of the resort development process. During the development of this fascinating natural island, the crucial mission was to keep and protect the existing ecosystem in place to assure the island maintains the live nature which pulls through to the Pure Life experience in Kagi Maldives.