Baani Spa

The Baani Spa Complex places people at its heart, creating an ideal place for well-being. Baani Spa is not your ordinary spa but a complex with an integrated wellness center with the fundamental elements to follow a holistic health and wellness approach. Baani symbolises a personal journey to healthy and joyful living. The service menu has been crafted to deliver an authentic, personalised, outcome-focused wellness programme which promises to take you on the Baani Journey to Release, Restore and Regain.

Inside the Baani Spa Complex
• Reception
• Retail shop
• The Spa Corner
• 4x Treatment room
• Relaxing Lounges
• Gym
• Yoga Studio
• Steam rooms which is radially arranged
• All supported by a communal open center ‘pod’ for the guests to rejuvenate MIND, BODY and SOUL.