Baani Spa

Baani (“The Ocean Swell” in Dhivehi) reminds us of the rhythm of life. Like the rhythm of the ocean as it swells and recedes, the tides rolling in and out, we connect to the rhythm of our own authentic self. The rhythm of our breath, the rhythm of life. Like the waves slowly lapping onto shore, fading into the sand, gently slowing down, you will arrive at Baani Spa to slow down, unwind, and release the stress of mundane life. The turbulent waters of your busy life start to calm down. Experience how you begin to drop in, become still and relaxed. You start to restore your inner balance. Then, like the swell of the ocean gaining momentum, you regain your energy, vitality. Filling up with good vibes, gain power to ride a new wave of your life with vigor.

Well-being services curated to promote inner peace and return body & mind to a state of harmony. The selection of treatments work as a balm for restlessness, stress and tension brought on by the frantic pace of modern life. It induces a sense of letting go and reassurance while releasing, relaxing, hydrating, refining and strengthening on physical levels. We understand you have come to paradise to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind you and to find inner peace and balance. Allow yourself to gently drift into the inner landscape of your body and unwind step by step under the expert guidance of our caring team.

Well-being services curated to encourage emotional, mental and physical healing, to fill you up with new vitality. Mindfully connect to your inner recourses, refill your energy levels and refuel body and mind with new sparks of joyfulness. Allow yourself to settle own, to be, to just flow in the moment of life. Restore body & mind to its natural balance step by step under the expert guidance of our caring team.

Well-being services curated to deepen your Baani experience and to assist you to regain momentum to energize and fuel your health and vitality. Our fusion of ancient and modern therapies and easy-to-follow health tips will reset your body and mind so you’ll continue to feel great back home, right up until the next time you can return to Kagi, your Maldivian home from home.