Introducing Yuji Yamazaki

Combined with the stunning surroundings, afforded by the numerous blues of the Lhaviyani Atoll, Kudadoo is bound to be pleasing to the eye thanks to its spectacular architecture and design.

The resort’s architectural mastermind, the renowned Yuji Yamazaki of YYA New York, has designed numerous attention-grabbing details, all carefully considered and created to please the eye and soothe the soul.

“ Our design mission was to satisfy our client’s intent and purpose – to create an island that combines luxury and sustainable elements. We believe that the luxury comes from the ample space that is private and open to the nature in this small island. We have placed all guest accommodations and facilities on the sea, leaving the island relatively empty. Each guest has a 300 m2 private room with a sweeping ocean view, and a quiet island that is left empty for them.” Yuji Yamazaki